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Boudoir Session Tips

Some of our favorite places to shop for outfits:


Locally: Coco & Lola’s (our top pick!), Victoria’s Secret, and we've even seen Target & Walmart carry some cute bralette/panty set options!

Online: Yandy, Adore Me, She-In, Amazon 



What to bring:


Outfits for her:  


1.  Matching bra & panty sets. Avoid bras with molded or padded cups as they tend to gap open in places they shouldn’t with certain poses. Unlined lace bras or bralettes work best.

2.  Body suits - these are absolute FIRE for posing!

3.  Teddies, with or without stockings, although we usually prefer without stockings.

4.  Body stockings.

5.  Sheer robe.

6.  Cheeky panties for topless or bed sheet photos.

The best colors for outfits because they photograph beautifully: Black, charcoal gray, navy, royal blue, burgundy, purple, plum, emerald green, dark teal


PRO TIP: Avoid complicated outfits such as corsets as these require a lot of extra time to put on and they really limit the posing. We want to spend that time taking more gorgeous pictures of you!


Outfits for him (if you're having a couples' session with your guy):


Boxer briefs in solid colors red, blue, gray, and black, jeans, belt, dress shirt, tie, flannel shirt, a white undershirt (t-shirt or wife beater style).


Shoes for her: This could be high heels (the taller the better!), boots, Converse if you’re doing a sports-related outfit, etc. I also have heels in my studio stash in black or nude, ranging in sizes 6 thru 10, which you can borrow from if you don’t have any. Some outfits are better going barefooted! 


Shoes for him: Dress shoes, boots, socks, barefooted.


Jewelry: Less is more. Keep it simple, like stud earrings, a choker necklace, a cuff bracelet, wedding/engagement ring. Avoid any jewelry that will dangle or flop around during certain posing.


Cash for a tip for our hair & makeup artist. Not required, but greatly appreciated!



Outfit ideas that are not lingerie that we love:


A gorgeous formal/semi-formal gown


Sports jersey with/without tall socks paired with cheeky underwear


Partner’s military/police/work uniform shirt


Man’s button down dress shirt or flannel shirt


Oversized sweater with cheeky underwear, with or without tall socks


Black leather jacket & fish nets (high waisted)


Tank top/bra/swim top with booty shorts


Topless with cut-off jean shorts


…Or get creative and use your imagination!



Things that we provide that you do not need to bring:


Makeup. Our hair & makeup artist will provide all the makeup, hair products, hair tools and false lashes. If you have a skin sensitivity you’re welcome to bring your own foundation if you prefer.


Pearls. I have several long strands that can be doubled up if you want pearls as an accessory. 


Wine opener, wine glasses. (You can BYOB!)


Moral support. We have a strict no-guest policy in our studio, so bringing a friend is not allowed. Me & my team will be here to coach you and cheer you on every step of the way to help you feel as comfortable as possible!



Leading up to and preparing for your session:


Please text me at 662-404-5349 no later than 72 hours before your session with photos of your outfits, shoes, and any other accessories you plan to bring. This helps me better plan & prepare for your session and I can give you any other helpful pointers in outfit choices if needed.


The time you booked is your arrival time. It is not necessary for you to arrive any earlier and we prefer that you wait to come in if you happen to arrive early. We are using these last few minutes to get everything ready for you.


Arrive with clean/makeup-free skin, and clean/dried hair. Please make sure your hair is completely dry upon arrival so that it is ready to style.


Know that you are in good hands. You do not have to come up with any poses on your own. As long as you can take direction, we will pose you and direct you, even down to the facial expression. 


Remember to BREATHE, relax and HAVE FUN! You’ve got this!


If you have any other questions or concerns, do not hesitate to text me at 662-404-5349 and I will respond as soon as I can. Just a heads-up, I may not answer outside of normal business hours, unless your session is 72 hours away or less.



DO’S and DON’TS before your session:


DO get your roots touched up & hair color refreshed if you color your hair. Also a professional blow-out right before your session is highly recommended to prevent flyaways and frizz for your session.


DO get a mani/pedi…no chipped nail polish or bare nails, please. Color Street or similar nail polish strips are great if you don’t have time to make it to a nail salon. Your hands will show up a lot in photos, so this is very important.


DO NOT bring hair extensions to your session without consulting with us about it first. Some types of extensions are not ideal for sessions, plus they often require extra time in the studio and can result in an additional charge.


DO NOT use glue-on/press-on nails as these tend to pop off easily during sessions.


DO NOT get a spray tan. They look orange in pictures. Regular tanning is fine. If your session is in the Summer months, DO use sunscreen as much as possible to avoid unsightly sunburns.


DO NOT WORRY if you get a pimple, tan lines on vacation, bruises, etc. These will be corrected in the retouching of your images.


DO EAT & HYDRATE before your session. You will need your energy for posing!


Most importantly, DO PLAN TO HAVE FUN!


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