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Why eyeCandy?

Hi, I'm Candy, Photographer & Owner of eyeCandy Boudoir in Olive Branch, Mississippi, just south of Memphis, Tennessee. I am a lifelong Mississippian, I've been married Brad for 10 years, we have 4 adorable cats, and I'm mother to 3 kids (a Minor League Baseball umpire, a Sports Management major at the University of Memphis, and a daughter on the Drumline in 10th grade). We enjoy traveling the country & abroad: the vibrant colors & the sound of jazz floating through the air in New Orleans; the turquoise waters & culture of the people of St. Maarten; the architecture & scent of lavender in the 13th century villages of Provence; and we love all things Disney.


Now that I've shared a little about me, I've got to tell you something, woman-to-woman: Confidence is power. Every woman deserves to feel on top of the world. (Yes, girl, I'm talking to you, too!) After 10 years experience exclusive to the boudoir industry, I can tell you that once a woman gets on top of the world, there is no stopping her. I don't know who decided that you don't deserve to feel pretty, confident, or sexy if you aren't a certain size! Why do you need to have a boudoir session? Maybe you've never been told before that you're beautiful. Maybe you have a major milestone or accomplishment to celebrate. Maybe you just need a day to yourself to have some girl time, to have a "Mom Break", to be pampered with hair & makeup & sexy outfits. Whatever YOUR "why" is, we are here for it!

It is our ultimate mission to create a safe, comfortable environment that will allow you to rise from that lack of confidence, transforming you into a gorgeous vixen who blossoms in front of the camera. We are never stuffy in the studio, but we always have a fun time with lots of laughs to take the edge off your nerves. Everyone who leaves the studio says "I don't know why I was even nervous!" And if you're nervous about posing, say no more! You don't have to know how to pose yourself because after training all over the United States and around the globe with some of the top boudoir photographers, we put a ton of emphasis on flattering poses & lighting techniques so you are going to have amazing results.


The eyeCandy Experience is an event you will remember for a lifetime, and the gorgeous images from your special day will be your souvenir to treasure always. I know I plan on looking back at my own images as an old lady and saying "Damn, look how hot I was!"  


Candy Brasfield 

Owner/PhotographereyeCandy Boudoir

Photo by Adrienne Richgels, Chicago, Illinois

Photo by A.C. Castiglione, Paris, France

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