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"5 stars!  


I booked a boudiour shoot with eyeCandy as part of my birthday celebration. It was the perfect gift to myself! Candy and her staff made me feel like a princess for the day and we had so much fun during my shoot. My husband got the gift of a photo album a few months later for his birthday. Definitely a win-win in the gift department." 

-- Katheryn


"I was one of many (I have heard this before), that stalked Candy's FB before taking the leep and scheduling with her. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!!! Not only was it fun and the end result (my fav is my photo book) amazing, but I was worth it!!!  Her team has such a way of making you feel comfortable, hyped and beautiful! Do it! You deserve it!"

-- Heather


"What started out as a gift for my future husband on our wedding day, became the greatest gift to myself. 


I found an ad for eyeCandy in 2017, and booked a session for my wedding.  It was a lot of fun and the pictures turned out AMAZING.  As a bonus, my husband to this day has one of the less spicy pictures as the wallpaper on his phones (Ladies - buy your significant other a jersey from their sports team personalized with their name on it - trust me - they will love pics of you in that jersey) 


I honestly thought this would be a one time thing, but I really admired Candy's art and so I joined her FaceBook group and stayed in touch.  During 2021, I had a really toxic boss and I decided that I needed to make some career moves.  I had Candy do my headshots and they are SO UNIQUE. She captured my personality and my purple hair - and my headshot has been mentioned by recruiters when they've reached out. (I'm an accountant with bright purple hair - and she made me look like the badass professional I am) 


But, perhaps the most pivotal experience I had was a last minute decision to go to France this past September (2022).  Candy had a cancellation, and I decided to jump on it about 6 weeks before the trip. I even had to drive to Hot Springs in order to get my passport renewed as an emergency!


The trip was one of my favorite weeks of my entire life, and all of the photos turned out absolutely amazing.  It was worth every penny and the fact that I have an album of professional photos to remember everything by is just... the best. 


Candy is an amazing artist and really loves her work. She cares very deeply for all of her clients, and will go out of her way to make sure you feel beautiful during your special day.  I would suggest doing the pictures for you - whether you have a significant other or not.  Truth be told, I still look at my initial session photos more than my husband - just because it was a moment where I realized that I am beautiful (my husband knew it before I did, he says).  


So book the sesh.  Take the trip.  Do the thing. You won't regret it!"

-- Megan


"I did my session for so many reasons, but mainly for ME!!  I could never thank Candy or Amanda enough for everything.  They absolutely boost your confidence the entire time.  I was completely nervous at the start and by the time I left, I was on cloud 9."

-- Ashley Y.

blush pink angel wings purple body suit lingerie purple pink hair

"I had been following Candy for several years before I booked my first session. When I did finally book, it was because I was a mother/wife struggling to find my own identity in the midst of having babies and being a good wife. That first session truly helped me see who I am and how beautiful I am. I was really struggling with my self worth. The photos I got from my session with Candy helped me love my mom body and I realized just how much I had been through and overcame. I have since had a second session about two years after my first, and now it's almost time for my 3rd session!! Now I have the sessions as a reminder that I am an overcomer, and I'm more than just a mom!"


-- Ashley L.

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