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short red hair red lips boudoir session rosie the riveter tshirt

"Y’all!!! Get you a Candy. That’s all I have to say."

-- Kami

boudoir black and white silhouette

"Let me just say, that like so many of you, I was incredibly nervous about doing this session. I had gone back and forth on doing something like this for YEARS! I cringe at just the photos family and friends take of me. I want to cry when I look at them. At this point, I didn’t even think I had the body for this kind of session.

It took a lot for me to strip it down. Not only the clothes, but the years of body shaming, negative self-image, feelings of inadequacy. But this session was sooooooooo worth it!


I saw these images on the screen during my big reveal and I cried…tears of joy and utter amazement. I cried for the insecure girl inside who never felt like enough, never felt pretty enough, never felt comfortable in her skin. I cried for all the women who have felt the same way. And I cried because, for the first time, I FELT BEAUTIFUL.


I saw what others claimed to see. I saw a woman, who has been through so much, absolutely blossom and embrace herself for the fierce, gorgeous woman that she is…and has always been.

I have an absolutely amazing husband that I was so excited to give these to. But to be honest, I didn’t do this session for him. It wasn’t about him (although the look on his face when he saw these photos told me that he definitely appreciated them ). I did this session for ME. And it was absolutely worth it….

If you’re on the fence, or you’re thinking about it but not so sure…take a deep breath and just do it. Strip it down (and I don’t mean clothes…unless you want to of course lol) and let it all go. Do this for you! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.

Thank you, Candy and Amanda…for supporting me, showing me exactly what to do and not letting me make an idiot of myself, for hitting all the good angles I didn’t know I had, and for making me feel beautiful But mostly, thank you for helping me find me again."

-- Kim

boudoir black and white lingerie bodysuit

"I’ve been thinking about reasons not to do a session, but reasons TO do a session. 


Stop making excuses, stop putting it off, do the dang session!! I was scared of posing- good thing Candy walks you through EVERY step- she gives really clear direction, shows you what to do, and makes you feel soooo at ease. I walked in so nervous that I could have puked, but within minutes I was my usual goofy self . Amanda & Candy both laid out my outfits, analyzed what would photograph better, and adjusted straps to make it perfect! And can we say helloooooo bedroom eyes after Amanda worked her magic on my makeup?? Plus that big sexy hair!! Y’all couldn’t tell me shit yesterday!  


Right after I got finished, I was just so happy, so amazed at how great I felt, and reminded that imma bad bitch even on my worst days. I had the best time! 


My session could not have happened at a better time. I was in a depression rut (a deep one) I wasn’t sure I’d make it out of. I was going through an awful breakup with my son’s father after trying things again, I’d lost my best friend in the world due to this crazy ass man, my life felt like it was truly falling apart. I spent months crying, suffering, throwing my self worth in the trash day by day but yesterday- y’all YESTERDAY!!  Was a dream! I realized how much having that session helped me in ways I never could have imagined! I felt like me again! Body confident, goofy, life loving me!! So for real, spend the money, do slay pay, experience this for yourself!! You won’t regret it, I promise!! I haven’t even seen my photos yet, but I don’t  need to see them to know the hype from Candy & Amanda is unmatched!! 


I’m already trying to make some plans to figure out how I can book another one! Y’all need to jump on it too!!"

-- Jamie

boudoir blonde curled hair burgundy lacy bodysuit lingerie

"Had a rough year the year before and had wanted to do a session for a long time… and I had lost about 80lbs during this difficult time… and just scrolling through other women’s photos and how great they looked I just thought WHAT THE HELL!!??!!! I’m looking pretty good and feeling good so what’s holding me back…. ? Absolutely nothing! And Candy and Amanda were AMAZING!! Had a great time, took some amazing pictures and made some good friends and memories!!"

-- Christy

boudoir red angel wings red lips hands on face sitting in floor

"I booked a session the first time with Candy just because her work is speechless! She knows what she is doing and takes her time to make sure she gets the “perfect” shot! I did it for myself after my divorce so I could feel comfortable in my skin again! I loved her work SO much that she is the only person I trust to do my sessions. I have returned to her three more times after that because she and her makeup artist make me feel the sexiest I’ve ever felt. I love this team, and when my friends ask me who I use, I refer them to Candy."

-- Wendy

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