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"OMG! Where do I even start?!? I booked a session with Candy because I wanted to do something for myself. As a mom, I have a tendency to do for my kids more than I do for myself.  I had no idea what to expect before I had my consultation, but after my consultation I was ready to do a session. When I got there for my session I was so nervous and excited all at the same time, but Candy and Amanda made me feel so comfortable and beautiful! The session was so empowering and made me feel so beautiful and confident. If you have doubts, don’t; BOOK the shoot! You will not regret it!"


-- Kristy

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"What a wonderful experience! I did this for me! Candy and her team were amazing. I plan to book again in the future!! Empowering experience!! Thank you, Candy!"


-- Natalie

plus size boudoir red lace body suit white victorian couch

"When I got engaged, some of my friends introduced me to the world of boudoir by sharing Candy’s page with me. I would look at the photos of the beautiful women but think to myself that I could never do that. I always just figured I wasn’t cut out to take the amazing photos I had seen.  After all, I’m a pretty modest person. 


Well, I finally convinced myself to have a consultation with Candy, and I sure am glad I did. I was a nervous wreck walking into the studio. I can honestly say to you that doing the shoot was the most liberating, exciting, and fun experience. Candy’s team made the day so relaxing and helped make the day what it was. In doing so, I was able to put all of those insecurities aside and rock it! I left the studio on cloud 9, feeling like I could conquer the world! 


On the day of my reveal, I walked in the studio as nervous as the day of my shoot because I still had doubts. Those years of insecurities kept breaking into my thoughts. But y’all, after seeing my images, I can tell you that doing the shoot was the best decision. I adore my images. My husband loves them. He’s always thought I was beautiful, but for the first time, I could see it too. 


Ladies, do the shoot. Stop letting those years of bad thoughts about yourself hold you back. Just book the shoot and go have your amazing day! You won’t regret it!"

 -- Susan

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"I have done two sessions with Candy. I was scared and nervous about it, but doing this brought my confidence back. I felt beautiful and empowered which was something I lost a long time ago after having kids. Here's to all women feeling empowered and beautiful! Thank you, Candy."


-- Amy

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"My first session with Candy was in 2017. It was a gift to my husband. He was speechless, which is difficult to do! I was anxious. I have the same body issues that most women have. Candy and her crew made it easy and relaxing. And the pictures-WOW!! IS THAT REALLY ME?! I’ve done two sessions since, and they were both AMAZING!! Candy puts together THE BEST crew of amazing women to bring out the Goddess in all of us. They are absolute gems and total professionals. Encouraging, empowering, badass. Totally recommend 1000 times!!"  

-- Britta

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