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boudoir black robe victorian couch glam

"In 2021, I contacted Candy for a consultation for a boudoir session as an anniversary gift for my husband. What I thought was going to be something just for him, turned out to be something even better! A confidence booster in my sexiness! Candy was warm, friendly, and professional. From entering the studio, to make-up, and the final shots, I felt like I was a supermodel. I mean, I really felt beautiful and above all else- SEXY! Let's skip to the good part...print selection. I couldn't believe that it was me I was seeing on the screen. Oh, but it was! I had a difficult time choosing the photos that I wanted to keep...I mean gift to my husband.  If you are wondering, the camera did not add 10 pounds, and it did not matter that I didn't meet my weight goal. 10 out of 10 stars, highly recommend booking a session!"

-- Eve

boudoir over 50 black angel wings purple body suit lingerie

"I did my session with Candy because of my daughter. She had had her session with Candy, and I was amazed at her pictures and thought, "Why not do something like that for myself?" I needed to do it for myself more than anything else. Yes, I wanted to give my husband a wonderful gift, but in the end it was for me.

Candy and Amanda were absolutely wonderful making me feel like I was beautiful. They guided me with the poses and helped with my choices of clothing.

Was I nervous? Very much so, but they eased my worries quickly. And the end results were astonishing."

-- Debbie

plus size boudoir polka dot bra panty set his football jacket

"I booked my boudoir session because I wanted to give myself a confidence boost. I loved the fact that Candy took the time to explain everything to me. I was super excited about all of it. On the day of my session, everyone made me feel so comfortable. I loved how my makeup was done and the way my hair was styled!! Candy talked me through every pose. I loved the way that this entire process helped to make me feel so beautiful!! On top of all that, my husband and I love the photos!!"


-- Sharrell

outdoor boudoir

"I will never forget the experience of my boudoir photo shoot! From start to finish I was made to feel like a princess. I have shown my album to everyone I know. Hope to do another soon!"

-- Lisa

boudoir black and white bed sheet

"Candy and I had talked for years, butI kept stalling over and over to spend the money on myself. Finally I put myself first and did the shoot! I had such a great time, and the whole team made me feel gorgeous! The feeling of beauty and empowerment is the best feeling ever! I mostly did this intitally for my husband, but really... it turned out to be for me.

I can not wait to book again sometime!"


-- Victoria


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