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A boudoir session is about so much more than just the photos.

I wish I had time to write a book about all the reasons clients have told me they had a boudoir session. (Spoiler alert: It's not just about the pictures!) The boudoir experience has changed so many lives. It continues to be such an honor to be part of that journey for so many women over the last 10 years since I began offering the boudoir genre. We've had in our studio women about to undergo a mastectomy or they just had one and want to document their body before and/or after surgery. We've had widows who wanted to commemorate their love for their late husband by bringing clothing or mementos to their session that maybe belonged to him or represents something he loved. But the one that really gets me, we recently had a client in our studio who has terminal cancer. She's single, fairly new to the Memphis area. She had her session 100% for herself, no one to give her photos to. She just really wanted to have this experience and feel beautiful one more time. Y'all, that is powerful and gives me goosebumps just thinking about it!! The work of any boudoir photographer is such important work. We are on the front lines daily, helping women battle their inner demons and inner voices that tell them they aren't beautiful, they're worthless, etc. We are changing lives, one woman at a time!

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