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10 Reasons Not To Have A Boudoir Session (...and why those are reasons TO have a session)

Right now I want to share with you #10reasonsnottohaveaboudoirsession (and why those are actually reasons TO have a #boudoirsession !)

  1. Life has taken its toll. I get it. You're busy. Life is crazy. Your schedule keeps you running 100 mph from the time you get up until you crash in the bed at night. You don't have time for self care. That's all the more reason to carve out the time for yourself, to have a day to yourself to be pampered and reward yourself for all that you've been through and survived.

  2. You haven't felt pretty in a long time. All the more reason to have a session! We will glam you up in no time and show you you've still got it, girl!

  3. You've gained a lot of weight or lost a lot of weight. Weight fluctuates. Bodies were meant to change. Whether it's pregnancy, hormones, health issues, or you just like to eat a dang cupcake or drink a beer whenever you feel like it, it's all OK. The whole point of boudoir is embracing and celebrating who you are RIGHT NOW. A number on the scale or clothing tag has nothing to do with beauty and self-worth. It is my biggest wish that as a society we could just stop connecting weight with beauty! I hear it all the time. "I want to book a session after I lose X pounds." You're missing the point, sweet girl.

  4. You have no free time. We can book your session for up to two years in advance so you have plenty of time to carve out a half day for yourself. You'll be here from 9:30 am until 1 pm for your shoot, and the viewing appointment typically takes no more than 30-45 minutes. You NEED to take the time for yourself to do something for you!

  5. You've gone through a bad break-up or divorce. This may be the MOST important reason to have a session! Some clients try to cancel their session because they went through a break-up. But this is your chance to let your session remind you that you are worthy, you are beautiful, and you are a badass, and none of that should ever be connected to a relationship. Break-up sessions are some of the BEST sessions because they are so therapeutic.

  6. You think you aren't skinny enough, curvy enough, whatever enough. Boudoir sessions are for ALL women because all women deserve to feel beautiful. All women ARE beautiful! This is a judgement-free, body-positive zone, and we photographic women of all sizes. All bodies are beautiful!

  7. You've spent your entire adult life always putting your spouse & kids' wants & needs ahead of your own. Believe me, I know “mom guilt” is a thing. Having mom guilt just proves that you are never putting your needs & wants first. There will ALWAYS be something the kids need or want. But do they REALLY “need” their 3rd pair of Jordans or do they really NEED to sign up for yet another extracurricular activity no one in your family has time for anyway? You need to do something for you, too! You work and you deserve to spend money on yourself. I've seen it many times over that the spouse doesn't think twice before spending his hard earned money on a boat, golf clubs, or anything else he wants, so why shouldn't you do the same for yourself every once in awhile?

  8. You've battled a long illness. That is all the more reason to celebrate still being alive and here to tell about it. You're a survivor so you deserve this more than anyone.

  9. Your self worth is in the toilet. I hear it soooo many times. I would be RICH and could quit being a photographer if I got a dollar every time someone said they can't do a session because they lack the confidence to do it. You've got it all backwards, my friend. Many women have a session BECAUSE their confidence has tanked and they want this experience to help them in their journey of getting back their confidence. I can't think of a better confidence booster than a boudoir session!

  10. Your significant other doesn't want you to do a session. I have a real problem with this one. This one makes me so sad. If your partner cannot understand why you need this confidence boost that a boudoir session would bring, honey, your partner is part of the problem, and deep down, a big reason you've been so down on yourself for awhile. A spouse that loves you would be 1000% supportive of your desire to have a boudoir session. PERIOD. Maybe your partner doesn't “get it”, but this isn't for them. It's for you. Sure, your partner may have the special privilege of getting to view the images, but ultimately, this whole experience is for YOU. I have seen clients absolutely heartbroken and in tears because she was so pumped about having a boudoir session, only for her partner to crap all over it. Entirely effed up and all the more reason to have a session anyway. I'm all about honoring my spouse, but my spouse should be honoring me, too.

So whatever excuse you've been holding on to as to why you've not booked a boudoir session of your own, I hope this helps you flip the script and understand why those reasons should really be reasons WHY you book your session.

When you're ready to book, fill out the inquiry form and I'll reach out ASAP to get your Zoom or In-Person consultation scheduled.

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Mar 31, 2023

My favorite post so far!! 🫶🏻 having a conversation currently about how I’m not feeling my body lately, and I needed this reminder, even after my session has come and gone.

Candy Brasfield
Candy Brasfield
Mar 31, 2023
Replying to

Glad this post helped you! You are beautiful and you slayed your session!

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