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Big Easy & The Weather Bubble

New Orleans is my favorite city in the whole world. The colors, the food, the sounds, the anything-goes vibe. We love it so much that Brad & I got married there in 2013. (Yep, we're coming up on our 10-year anniversary in July!) We couldn't think of a wedding location that would mean more to us than New Orleans.

Ever since becoming a photographer it has been a big dream of mine to get to shoot in New Orleans, especially in the hauntingly beautiful cemeteries and the vibrantly historic French Quarter. My long-time dream came true for the 3rd time this past weekend! We had two amazing clients come down for one of our destination sessions, complete with hair & makeup with our fabulous hair & makeup artist on my right:

Court of Two Sisters, New Orleans, Louisiana

We had a dark-thirty wake up call because our clients had to be at our AirBNB for hair & makeup at 4:15 am so we could be ready to shoot at first light. 100% worth it! We also had high rain chances to contend with.. These destination sessions are "rain or shine", but we couldn't get our Angel Wings out of their protective case because the rain would ruin them. We went from having 90% rain chances to it just barely sprinkling for just a few minutes on just one of our shoot days. We have our Human Weather Bubble (AKA my husband Brad) to thank for keeping it all away from us. That's another story for another day, but he has historically always kept the worst weather away from us for important events, no joke! The whole time we kept asking Brad, "What does the Weather Bubble need? What does the Weather Bubble want? Food? Adult beverages?" and "What the Weather Bubble wants, the Weather Bubble gets!"

Our "Weather Bubble", Brad.

That blue dot? That's us. The weather kept moving on around us!

Now that you know about my Weather Bubble, I can't say THANK YOU enough to the Team for helping make all this happen! It truly is a team effort. Not only did the Team help with driving, carrying gear, holding lighting, watching for cars so I didn't get ran over, refreshing hair & makeup, and so much more, they also took a lot of "behind the scenes" photos with their phones:

Don't worry, I will be making another post once we have final images to share! If you want to join us for this incredibly fun experience in 2024, be sure to subscribe to our e-mail list and check the box for Destination Sessions so you'll be first to know as soon as we launch those NOLA dates.

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